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Interactions that will make your users keep coming back.

Haptic feedback
Native interactions
UX Animations

Monetize your app

Easily schedule notifications to be delivered to your users' devices.

Truly Native
A native app allows you to use the operating system's built-in interactions and UI allowing for a more engaging and immersive experience.

Unlike other app builders Taply provides a complete native app.

Sync with Shopify

Your native app syncs your products and settings from Shopify and uses your Shopify configuration for checkout.

Simply install the app from the Shopify app store and you're good to go.

Pixel perfect
Every UI block is hand crafted to perfection.

An app built with Taply will look great on any device size.

Select from over 50 blocks and countless variations to make your app look perfect.


Allow customers to save items to their wish-list to purchase later within your app.

Publish to Apple & Google Play

Publish your app from the Taply dashboard to Apple & Google Play.

Rich media notifications

Send images in your notifications. You can even send gifs.

Over the air updates

Push changes to users immediately through Taply's dashboard. No need to resubmit to the app stores.

Seamless checkout

Allow users to seamlessly checkout through your mobile app.

Theme Settings

Adjust your theme with advanced theme options. There's no attribution to Taply within your app.

Facebook integration

Attribute your Facebook campaigns with Taply.

Multi-language For Core UI

Core UI elements and buttons are localized automatically based on the user's language. Currently supported languages are: French, German, Spanish, English.

Media Editor

Design media directly from the dashboard to use across your app and notifications.

Customer Service Integrations

Integrate with the free Tawk app and provide live customer service to your customers. More customer service integrations are coming soon.

Product Page Customization

Customize your product page. Drag and drop blocks into your product page. Rich text media is also supported for product description.

User Account Support

Allow users to login to their accounts and associate orders with existing users.

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